1/30/2009: Our newest app Fart Remote has been released to the app store. If you have any questions at all please email, The emails go straight to our programmers blackberry, and will be answered at all hours. Thanks everyone for the support, and we understand this website is a little cheesy at the moment, but we have been spending time on apps and not on making our site look pretty.

10/08/2008: YouTube video review of pixel pusher has been added.

A video review of our game pixel pusher has been uploaded. What are you waiting for? check it out!


10/07/2008: reduxsoft is now officially open!

Finally after all of the hard work we are now up and running. We have been busy developing our first game for the iPhone/iPod touch which will be available at the appstore very shortly. The extremely popular game pixelpusher will be making its debut any day now and will be available via iTunes for $0.99. For more information check out the pixelpusher page at Check back for more updates.



For questions or support please email: